Business Goals

Defining Business goals, Case Study.

Lets say your business involves running a blog. This blog generates income from online advertising.

Your main business goal might be to a maximum profit from this blog (seems like a valid reason to me..)

In order for succes, you need lots of traffic visiting your site clicking the advertisements.

The percentage of visitors that generate money or subscribe (depending on your business goals) is referred to as turnover or conversion rate. Both website design and your marketing campaigns can greatly influence turnover rates.

Clear business goals are fundamental in developing a marketing strategy.

In the case of the blog mentioned earlier, the business goal is to maximize profits from online advertising. The Market Strategy is to funnel traffic to your site, once traffic is rising the turn-over rate should be optimized. After this initial fase the business should try to scale-up, grow and expand.

Marketing strategy involves careful studying of internal and external environmental factors.

External factors consist of the target market, customers, competition, technology etc. Internal environmental factors include business performance and business constraints.

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